We are the sole Australian and New Zealand importer and distributor of Broda Seating and The Freedom Bed

Broda Seating


Established in 1981, BRODA Seating options provide long-term care patients with the highest level in comfort, resulting in the highest quality of life. Broda Seatings patented Comfort Tension Seating® system is the key to our chairs and provides proper heat and moisture exchange helping to prevent skin breakdown.

BRODA Seating manufactures a complete line of seating options for long-term care patients.

If you are looking for a product to help:

  • Provide comfort and pressure reduction
  • Provide mobility for active residents
  • Improve safe patient handling
  • Reduce staff injuries caused by transferring or repositioning patients
  • Implement a "no lift" or "no fall" program in your facility
  • Minimize maintenance and replacement costs of chairs

BRODA can help you with your goals. Whether you work for a hospital, hospice, nursing home, assisted living facility or have a loved one receiving care - you will see the difference a BRODA chair can make.BRODA Comfort Tension Seating®   

  • Aids in pressure reduction
  • Increases air flow to reduce moisture
  • Increases long-term comfort 

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DRP International Healthcare is the importer and distributor of Broda Seating for Australia and New Zealand.