We are the sole Australian and New Zealand importer and distributor of Broda Seating and The Freedom Bed

Broda Seating Overview


Since 1981, Broda Seating has been manufacturing high quality tilt and space positioning and Mobility Chairs. Broda chairs help improve quality of life as well as help ease caregiver burden. Known for our comfort, pressure redistriburton and durability.

Broda's mission is to design and manufacture products that provide exceptional patient comfort, improve quality of life and provide ease of use for the caregiver. Broda chairs can accomodate bariatric seating needs, posture deviations, agitation,involuntary movements and more. Understanding the complex needs of your patients, Broda offers customisation options for the most complex seating needs. 

Broda strives to provide the utmost quality in seating solutions. From mobility chairs to full positioning, gliders to shower commode chairs, our products are ideal for use in multilple care settings. 

Broda's Comfort tension Seating is the key to Comfort.

  • Redistributes pressure to help prevent skin breakdown
  • Creates air flow for heat and moisture exchange
  • Contours to the body for long term sitting confort
  • Memory retension allows straps to return to their original shape within seconds for long term and multi resident use.

Broda chairs are an integral part of any facility in that we:

  • Help to prevent skin breakdown
  • Aid in Safe Patient Handling and No-Fall programs thus helping to reduce injuries
  • Accommodate difficult to seat residents'
  • Hep to reduce chair maintenance and replacement costs

For all Broda enquiries, please contact DRP International Healthcare on 03 5975 4153