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Testimonials - Broda Seating

"Following an opportunity to trial two of Broda’s products – the Midline Full Recliner and the Tilt Recline Shower Commode Chair – we purchased them after identifying the benefits to both staff and residents. Noted benefits included the increase in socialisation and interaction for residents due to the positioning of the chair. Pressure care was improved along with noted decrease in skin integrity concerns. Mitigating risk of manual handling for staff was another noted benefit due to the ease of mobility of both chairs. Both chairs’ functionality were noted to provide positive outcomes for staff attention to daily activities of living with compromised residents. The design of Broda chairs is conducive to maintaining our infection control standards and the service both initial and follow up from the Sales Consultant could only be described as exemplary"

Lorraine, Quality Manager – Hope Aged Care Group

"When we recently trialed the Broda 785 Tilt Recliner, we received extremely positive feedback from the client’s family and carers. The ability to provide variable positioning has seen the client much more engaged and interactive with family and carers. She is even been able to feed herself now when placed in an upright sitting position at the dining table. The Broda 785 chair is easily customizable to make it useful for future reissuing. It has a number of important features including in built pressure relief with its memory suspension strapping system. All of the chair features were explained and demonstrated through an in home trial provided by the sales consultant"

Ellie, Occupational Therapist – Jewish Care





Testimonials - The Freedom Bed

"I have a neuromuscular disability (Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type II) which makes me immobile in bed. For a long time, my parents and I had been searching for a product that would mean they didn’t need to turn me at night. I typically required turning every 2 hours to prevent pressure sores and to relieve pain in my shoulders, neck, and hips. 
We tried numerous other products (including some of the most advanced alternating air mattresses) and nothing was suitable. Then, one day, a Google search turned up the aptly named Freedom Bed.  
There are many great things about the Freedom Bed, but for me, five things stand out: 
First, I love that, using the ‘over-ride button’ I can turn myself. One thing I used to hate about being in bed was the lack of control; now I can turn whenever I like. 
Second, it’s great that I can still use a Roho cushion with my customised Freedom Bed mattress, for extra pressure reduction. 
Third, I’m very pleased that I can use the bed despite my hip and knee contractures thanks to the custom leg bolster made for me by Freedom Bed. 
Fourth, I love that the aesthetic is not overly medical: with the safety side barriers down and the bed in its flat position, the first impression is of a standard single bed. 
Fifth, and most importantly, it actually works: I wake up in the morning comfortable, without pain, having not needed any assistance during the night. In fact, I’m so comfortable, I now enjoy sleeping in on weekends.  
I feel like I’ve suddenly attained new heights of independence. Now that I don’t need assistance at night, I have moved out of home. In terms of importance, I consider my Freedom Bed to be in the same league as my motorised wheelchair for providing independence. Both are essential equipment for daily living. 
Needless to say, I highly recommend that anyone facing the problem of immobility in bed investigate the Freedom Bed. 
Thank you for making this great product" 

Mark Brown, Melbourne, Australia.

 "Our son has had his Freedom Bed by Pro-Bed since 2006. He was 7 at the time. SMA 2 means that he has no ability to turn himself. The improvement in William’s health and wellbeing as well as the rest of the family cannot be overstated. The benefits:

  • No pressure sores
  • Improvement of lungs capacity
  • Faster recovery with coughs/colds/pneumonia because the build-up can’t settle in one spot
  • Less coughs/colds turning into infections (no question about this)
  • Easy to program rotations = better night sleep
  • Easy to program “degrees of turn” = better comfort
  • Automatic turning = we don’t get up very often in the night
  • Not having to get up in the night = huge stress relief (broken sleep is just awful)
  • Quiet – no air pumps running continuously

 We thank you very much for developing this bed"

 Ross & Wendy Morgan, Perth

The Freedom Bed,

"I have cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegic and wheel chair confined .This being the reason we purchased the Pro Bed .I no longer need a  Carer to change my position  frequently   throughout the night thus Allowing me to live more independently . The bed has been a life changer for me giving me quality sleep and position changes at a flick off a button"        

Yours  sincerely.

Rachael  Kay.