We are the sole Australian and New Zealand importer and distributor of Broda Seating and The Freedom Bed

Broda Seating

What is the current weight capacity of each Broda chair?

ModelWeight Capacity
785 Elite Tilt Recliner159kg
CS 385 Commode Shower Chair182kg
48 Pedal Chair159kg
48R Pedal Rocker114kg
Bari 385 Commode Shower Chair363kg
Auto-Lock Glider114kg*
MIDLINE Tilt Recliner159kg
Vanguard Elite 985 Bariatric Tilt Recliner272kg

*Indicates models in which testing is in progress for 159 kg. The 114 kg weight capacity is stated as a conservative underestimate based on our current stage of testing.

How long does it take to get a chair after I order it?For standard Broda chairs, it usually takes a minimum of seven business days in Australia. For custom chairs, please contact us.
Do you offer chair demonstrations and trials?YES- we do offer free, no obligation chair demonstrations and trails. Please contact us to arrange.
A caster on my chair has a flat spot. Why?

This may occur if the brakes are left applied on the casters, and the chair is being maneuvered with the brakes on. To avoid this, ensure brakes are applied only when needed and released when the chair is maneuvered. If your caster does a have a flat spot, it will need to be replaced.

Can I get parts to fix an older model Broda Chair?

Broda will support chairs/products for 7 years (life of the chair/product) from date of manufacture. For chair/product with a manufactured date of 7 years or older, we will support parts as customs if not currently in production. The 3 year structural warranty and 1 year non-structural warranty apply from date of purchase. (It is perceived that the 1 and 3 year warranties should not conflict with the 7 year life of the chair/product)

Do you have a chair operating instructions or repair & maintenance instructions?Operating instruction manuals and repair and maintenance instructions are provided with each chair purchased, and are also available here.
Does Broda make custom or Bariatric chairs?

Broda offers the Vanguard Bariatric Tilt Recliner which has a weight capacity of 272 kg, as well as the Bari 385 Bariatric Transport Commode Shower Chair, which has 363 kg weight capacity.

Broda also offers custom and bariatric sizing in a variety of our other models.

Why is the chair not reclining or tilting when the handle is pressed or why does the chair seem to slowly slide out of position?

The recline and tilt operations are a function of the gas cylinders on the chair. If you are experiencing problems with the cylinders, often the cylinder is not defective, it just needs adjustment.